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George M. Grow

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George M. Grow
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The New Dimension of Reading


To the postmodern literature, George M. Grow is today what the revolutionary Auguste Escoffier was to the modern kitchen one hundred years ago. His stories are no unsavoury, flat disquisitions. George M. Grow creates literary menus, exciting, diversified and above all else healthy delicacies with a touch of magic. A life without magic is not worth to be lived. Once you have got to know George M Grow, a life without magic is a vegitating matter. He realized that society is getting to read differently. He is observing society. What is the art of writing? Pleasure, wellbeing, inspiration, health. Grow found the fundamental importance of penmanship for health and writes accordingly. It's not just a matter of figures in his stories; it's a matter of you personally. The paradise on earth will be dished up to you, you will experience yourself embraced by the world. Let yourself be infected, inflamed and enlightened by the spirit. Dinner is served!


George M. Grow, psych., phil., visionary;
spiritual guide for sufferers, society, culture & policy

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"Why you Really need George M. Grow and the Books of Life"

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Anna Jane Clarke, Review of the month

George Grow, George M Grow, writer, Austria, Austrian, Review, The Books of Life

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An exiting comedy in post- apocalyptic New York City where people like you become Messiah

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Nonfiction, The Recovery of Reason.The ultimative guide for reformers and revolutionaries

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Exiting comedy about a young scientist who was too good for this world. The depths of good and evil

"George M. Grow's modern spirituality as seen by an award-winning IT specialist"

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Emilio Navarro,
Review of the month

Review, Books of Life, George Grow, integral, holistic, cosmic, youth education, basic, education

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Books for fresh, young minds!
Available in English, Spanish and German 

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Funny infonovel in teenage slang.

Poaching for Profit: a Guide for the Modern Hunter-Gatherer with the Power of Being

Nonfiction, 168 pages. The Recovery of Truth with 15 parables by Franz Kafka. "The New Reality" is a great chance, but also a danger when the metaphysical principles are denied.
 Deutsche Bestseller 
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Erleuchtungsroman zwischen West und Ost. Enthält: Selbstlernkurs: Moderne Spiritualität anhand des post-modernen oder westlichen Islam.

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Sachbuch. Die Rückgewinnung der Vernunft. Das ultimative Handbuch für Reformer und Revolutionäre.

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Grusel-Komödie über einen jungen Wissenschaftler, der zu gut war für diese Welt.

Die Tiefen von Gut und Böse.


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 Enlightening-novel for theists and atheists, Kashmir, 420 pages. Included: Self-study-course The Postmodern spirituality at the example of Islam

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 Mystery thriller, Scotland, 160 pages. Included: Self-study-course Real Spirituality The easy way For beginners

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The Other Guide to Success. Power and secrets of elegance. 75 pages. How just one gesture can make your wishes come true

 Happy people

Patrick Wendel

What is the George Grow Effect? George M. Grow's Books of Life are so exciting, funny and straightforward that their profundity grabs you and rattles you in an addicting way.


Caro Villeux

In his works, George M. Grow makes the "ability to existance", "internication" or chance, "fate" or "the earth as an experimental laboratory", "the walk of man and humanity in three phases" [...] to his vocabulary. Little by little, I realized what wonderful power these words have.

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Dr. Salma Raskho 

Each time you think of "The Messiah's New Clothing" or of "Wald", you feel totally grounded. Ever since nothing can throw you off your path. As a matter of course, these books play a significant role in my work as a psychotherapeut.

Jan Hostic

These three comedies are incredibly exciting and encircle you magically. They have a rather mysterious and eerie side, which, however, seems so real, normal, immediate and logical that over and over again I was able to express nothing but a "wow, wow, wow".

George Grow, George M Grow, Books of Life, review, modern spirituality

Emi & Anton Carlson

The figures pounce on us immediately. Gripping, always humorous dialogues dragged us through the texts so quickly that we were shocked every time we reached the last page.

Zwei ältere Menschen sitzen

Bruno Chambor

George Grow's reading was so positive and encouraging but also very honest and entertaining. I needed help with some decisions. I got what I needed. It just also "incidentally" happened that everything I read in "Wald" came true! Miracles happen!


We use George Grow's Twelve Stages successfully as a guideline for our educational workshops. It inspires many young people as part of our reading therapy and promotes cognitive construction and orientation skills. Great literature and very useful for our systemic work with the goal of self-organization.