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George Grow, psych., phil., visionary;
spiritual guide for sufferers, society, culture & policy

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"Why you Really need George Grow and the Books of Life"

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George Grow, George M Grow, writer, Austria, Austrian, Review, The Books of Life

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An exiting comedy in post- apocalyptic New York City where people like you become Messiah

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Nonfiction, The Recovery of Reason
The ultimative guide for reformers and revolutionaries

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Exiting comedy about a young scientist who was too good for this worldThe depths of good and evil

"George Grow's modern spirituality as seen by an award-winning IT specialist"

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George Grow, George M Grow, reading, Free Research, Free Jornalism, Free Science

Emilio Navarro,
Review of the month

Review, Books of Life, George Grow, integral, holistic, cosmic, youth education, basic, education

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Funny infonovel in teenage slang.

Poaching for Profit: a Guide for the Modern Hunter-Gatherer with the Power of Being

Nonfiction, 168 pages. The Recovery of Truth with 15 parables by Franz Kafka. "The New Reality" is a great chance, but also a danger when the metaphysical principles are denied.
 Deutsche Bestseller 
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Erleuchtungsroman zwischen West und Ost. Enthält: Selbstlernkurs: Moderne Spiritualität anhand des post-modernen oder westlichen Islam.

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Sachbuch. Die Rückgewinnung der Vernunft. Das ultimative Handbuch für Reformer und Revolutionäre.

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Grusel-Komödie über einen jungen Wissenschaftler, der zu gut ist für diese Welt.

Die Tiefen von Gut und Böse.


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 Enlightening-novel for theists and atheists, Kashmir, 420 pages. Included: Self-study-course The Postmodern spirituality at the example of Islam

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 Mystery thriller, Scotland, 160 pages. Included: Self-study-course Real Spirituality The easy way For beginners

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The Other Guide to Success, the power and secrets of elegance
45 pages.
How just one gesture can make your wishes come true

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We use George Grow's Twelve Stages as a guideline for our Educational Workshops. It inspires many young people as part of our Reading Therapy and promotes cognitive construction and orientation skills. Great literature and very useful for our systemic work with the goal of self-organization.

Lucia Suarez

The hammer. I don't think there is anything comparative. Once I read Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha. Now I know how outdated and wrong this bestseller is. How obsolete and erroneous Buddhism ... actually all schools of thought are. Twelve Stations is an absolute must and an absolute pleasure to read. It's far ahead of its time and yet so topical.

Lächelnde Frau mit Galsses

Dr. C. B. Prisley

Each time you think of Wald, Twelve Stages or The Path, you feel totally grounded. Ever since nothing can throw you off your path. As a matter of course, these books play a significant role in my work as a psychotherapeut.

Geschäftsfrau im Büro

Prof. A. Walker

You are very lucky if Wald, The Human Handbook or The Path cross your way. Others seek and learn all their life long and do not come farther as you can do with this literature within some days. 

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Alma Ledbetter

These three comedies are incredibly exciting and encircle you magically. They have a rather mysterious and eerie side, which, however, seems so real, normal, immediate and logical that over and over again I was able to express nothing but a "wow, wow, wow". Great literature in simple, vivid language.

Ishani Anand

The figures pounce on me immediately. Gripping, always humorous dialogues dragged me through the texts so quickly that I was shocked every time I reached the last page. I usually don't read plays, but George Grow's comedies read so well and enriched me with their visions so immeasurably that I've read them all at least twice. There's simply nothing to compare.

Glücklicher Kursteilnehmer
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Paul Cunning

Wow, this story has it all. The text is so light-footed, chilled and beautifully written, although the meaning is profound and sustainable. The message docks rapidly with all circuits. And with Dave Kater and the Paragrinz you can find relatives who are waiting everywhere but have been invisible until now.

Steve Adams

With this book, Grow has given a great gift to the entire readership in all age groups from the youngster to the elderly one. After reading, I felt better than I had for ages. This brisk story has a very special place in my library, and I certainly haven't read it for the last time. It's now part of the small circle of my favorite books for life.

Portrait eines älteren Mannes