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Thirty advertising pages give a fuller picture of Dave Kater, his gang, The Paragrinz and the Baron, their new principal.



The fragmentary novel Twelve Stages to the Bitchi­nest Club in the World is an attempt at creating a reverse adult perspective: the language of youth as a way of approaching topics that were simply glossed over or avoided in our parents' and grandparents' generation in the erroneous understanding that our society had long since come to consensus about the overriding questions. Twelve Stages to the Bitchinest Club in the World can be seen as a call to break with taboos and to test new identities which do not fall under the label of tradition nor under the labels modernism, fashion, trend or zeitgeist and to liberate ourselves from outmoded classic tropes and the myopic norms of civilized etiquette.


Freedom of art and philosophy are essential in times that are noted for optimized "facts" that are twisted to benefit a small minority. Escape the dominant culture with this boisterous, enthralling youth novel. Join Dave Kater and his merry band of entertainers the "The Paragrinz" to follow the timeless essence within life as we know it. A wild trip that you won't want to come down from!


"Dave is overcome with doubt. Has his view of the world totally chilled?"


Dave Kater is the "apolitical brutha-in-chief of all the chillouts from Montreal to Phila­delphia, ideological and videological club-hopper who is only to be found where the groove is the deepest."

"In his eyes, he was not the lost sheep, the entire flock was lost. And the notion that the shepherd cared deeply for his sheep was a perfidious lie, since the whole purpose of their being out in the fields was to be slaughtered and eaten some day."

"For a society in which working people are not predominant, but for rather those who inspire, not the professionals, but those who follow their calling, not consumers but creators."

"We owe that not just to the environment and humanity, we owe that to ourselves."


PREFACE by the Fictional Writer 

All attempts at getting any publishing houses to sign on to this work came to nothing. Without a big name, nobody is going to even open one of your books. I guess the Age of Mass Media is no easier for artists than it was a century or two ago. It took George Bernard Shaw decades before his first work was published in Russia, Virginia Woolf had to open her own publishing house, and Franz Kafka never lived to see his works in print. And it is a lot more difficult when the author is still a teenager. But I was not going to buckle down and do the Vanity House thing, so I hit on the idea of active sponsoring, like product placement in films.


So for all practical intents and purposes, this is an infonovel, like an infomercial but in printed form. All the brands mentioned in capital letters are my sponsors. Just include the ISBN number of this book with your next on-line order and get a 15% discount on your next purchase up to $50! (I also get a cut from every reference this book generates to invest in my next book project.)

Afterword by the Fictional Writer

Here ends my tale. Not because I broke my neck mudsurfing or as it has happened with more than one poet, I have croaked sitting over my unfinished work, but rather because I see no point in telling you about what happened at Rocksteady Castle and the ten other stations as nobody would believe a word of it, the fucked-up fact that I still have my own sense of wonder without having to go without hashing and partying and raving, simply because I try to serious follow the meaning and try to trust myself to the Being and the Real Me. 

Whatever I had to do with it, I managed to reach with my limited capabilities: This story can offer an idea of why our wisdom is far from exhausted and why there is still so much more to be checked between heaven and earth. I myself just chilled for a few weeks in the belief that I knew the result of all thinking and broo­ding. The result, the last drops squeezed from all discernible efforts, the final wisdom, as it is drawn by the general public, the common usage, force of habit, by Hermann Hesse's foolish blundering Siddhartha and the whole chuffed-out league, that everything is just fucked and all that matters is:

Do whatever you feel like.

This limp cheese wiener was pumped into every one of my cells through incredible effort [...] 

Whoa, that would be some ponderous shit if I could achieve with this story what I set out to: to hand you, you or you a hot tip on how to really get everything you need from this life. That would be enough. And regardless of that, that I would really love to run into you at one of our legendary gigs at the hottest clubs that we burn through on our tours with the Paragrinz.

Rock on!

Your narrator, Aaron Stanwyck

Concord, New Hampshire







Paul Cunning

Wow, this story has it all. The text is so light-footed, chilled and beautifully written, although the meaning is profound and sustainable and works immediately. The message docks rapidly with all circuits. And with Dave Kater and the Paragrinz you can find relatives who are waiting everywhere but have been invisible before.

George Grow, George M Grow, Books of Life, book, review


The story's bubbly, funny and just as heartwarming, wise and so helpful. Especially if you're fancing a life crisis. With this book, Grow has given a great gift to the entire readership in all age groups from the youngster to the elderly one. After reading, I felt better than I had for ages. This brisk story has a very special place in my library, and I certainly haven't read it for the last time. It's now part of the small circle of my favorite books for life.

Frau mit blauem T-Shirt


We use George Grows Twelve Stages as a guideline for our Educational Workshops in Spain, the USA and Mexico. It inspires many young people as part of our Reading Therapy and promotes cognitive construction and orientation skills. In our systemic work with the goal of self-organization, there is nothing more important than a permanent flexible attractor to create awareness and cognitive competence both freely and creatively.


The story is the hammer. I don't think there is anything comparative. Once I read Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha. Now I know how outdated and wrong this bestseller is. How obsolete and erroneous Buddhism ... actually all schools of thought are. George Grow's Twelve Stages is an absolute must and an absolute pleasure to read. It's far ahead of its time and yet so topical. The best gift my parents have ever made to me.

Glückliche Frau


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