Healing and Self-Organization of the Soul

The Reading Therapy according to George M. Grow is a profound and profoundly effective healing method that has proven to be very effective for mental problems, crises, illnesses and strokes of fate.

Like all disciplines in conventional medicine, psychology follows a strictly normative structure. Individuality, especially unusual constitutions, are stigmatized in a normative, i.e. dogmatic way as illness or as disease-causing. Diagnostics are geared towards adapting to that which affects us and makes many people sick.

Life is a constant change, an ever-advancing process. Every type of evolution is not only characterized by the factor adaptation, but also by mutation. Mutation as a deviation and expression of individuality is a moments of Being and not a symptom of an illness in and of themselves.

The order structure of George M. Grow's integral psychology is not subject to the zeitgeist and what is conventionally referred to as healthy. It is not based on fashionable or moral values, but on Being, the World, the Absolute.

Depth psychology is metaphysical. The focus is on the interaction of the individual with the whole, the soul with the world soul, starting with oneself, the family, the environment, society, the world of work or a life situation. Often the cause of illness is an organizational deficit of the psyche with Being and not just with individual factors of the social environment. 

George M. Grow's behavior modification is a psychological learning technique for changing undesirable behavior. The methodical approach is only in the second step a systematic anamnesis and behavioral analysis of the entire problem situation, from which the goals of an intervention are derived in cooperation with the persons concerned/clients.

The first phase of Grow's therapy - also "self-" or "auto-therapy" - is the same for everyone. It is so effective in itself that the second phase - and with it personal care - is no longer necessary in most cases.

The metaphysical or depth psychological approach consists in strengthening the self-organization of the soul. The goal is not to adapt to the norm, to the zeitgeist, to a fashion, but to establish relationships with timeless Being, the Absolute.

The Absolute is absolute in the sense that everything ultimately relates to it. The more relationships I know and have developed with the Absolute, the better is my position in this world, the more valuable are my relationships with everyone and everything and the better my life will be fulfilled. It's the same with everything else:

If you inquire about a person and want to know who this person is, you will receive the answer, their name, what job they do, what is their success, where they live, whether they have children, who their parents are, whom this person knows who spends the time with them, what others think of them or what reputation they have. Name, occupation, position, place of residence, life partner, husband, children, parents, hobbies, reputation, etc. are relationships that lead me to the essence of this person in order to be able to participate in the characteristics and in the possibilities of this person.
Anxiety, frustration, depression and unhealthy lifestyles that cause defects such as cancer can arise when these relationships are disturbed or unclear. Phase one in Grow therapy works in the same way:

You read the Books of Life and condense the important relationships between yourself and the world, Being and the Universe. These relationships are not an adaptation to questionable normative factors. The relations are real and their path leads into the wholeness of and your Being. Justifiably George Grow speaks of the Fourth Dimension. The only thing you do is read. Read the Books of Life and everything will sort itself out. Read the Books of Life and you suddenly you will stand there in one piece. Read the Books of Life and you will reach the next level in your journey through life.

To make therapy more successful, you need to bring something with you: Before beginning the Reading Ritual, let go of all concerns. Free yourself for something new. Approach this simple, beautiful thing with an open mind and under no circumstances be opinionated. The same goes for any scientific experiment:

You have to know and meet the framework conditions so that the experiment can take place. If you deviate from the specifications, the experiment will fail. If you use oxygen instead of hydrogen for an experiment, the outcome of the experiment will be completely different. You will be disappointed and all the effort was in vain.

Every experiment is subject to the same basic rules. No matter whether it is a chemical, physical, psychological or spiritual experiment. Participation in a chemical or physical experiment usually requires a comprehensive level of knowledge that can be acquired over a long period of time with a great deal of effort and effort. In comparison, how playful is the essentially all-important experiment to which the Books of Life invite you!

Enter the beautiful path of salvation now!