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ich opti 2 hochkant books of life Spanis

The Prophet

Complementary Culture

Basic reseArch

And GroWth


und Entwicklung

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Nonfiction, 128 pages
Rehabilitation of metaphysics
 with 15 parables by Franz Kafka 
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NEW releaseS

Funny infonovel in teenage slang.

Poaching for Profit: a Guide for the Modern Hunter-Gatherer


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An exiting comedy in post- apocalyptic New York City where

people like you become Messiah

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The ultimative guide for reformers and revolutionaries

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Exiting comedy about a man
who was too good for this world

The depths of good and evil.


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 Humorous, exciting, critical and touching novel for theists and atheists, Kashmir, 420 pages 

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 Mystery thriller with the essence of Spiritual Science 1st time in history, Scotland, 128 pages 

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A Guide to Success, the power and secrets of elegance
45 pages



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in einem post-apokalyptischen New York City

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Was für ein Spass!
in Jugendsprache.

Das ultimative Aufreißerbuch

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Grusel-Komödie über einen, der zu gut ist für diese Welt,

die Tiefen von Gut und Böse





We use George Grow's Twelve Stages as a guideline for our Educational Workshops in Spain, the USA and Mexico. It inspires many young people as part of our Reading Therapy and promotes cognitive construction and orientation skills. In our systemic work with the goal of self-organization, there is nothing more important than a permanent flexible attractor to create awareness and cognitive competence both freely and creatively.

George Grow, George M Grow, review


The story is the hammer. I don't think there is anything comparative. Once I read Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha. Now I know how outdated and wrong this bestseller is. How obsolete and erroneous Buddhism ... actually all schools of thought are. George Grow's Twelve Stations is an absolute must and an absolute pleasure to read. It's far ahead of its time and yet so topical. The best gift my parents have ever made to me.

George Grow, George M Grow, review

DR. C. B. 


Each time you think of "Wald", "Twelve Stages" or "The Way", you feel totally grounded. Ever since nothing can throw you off your path. As a matter of course, these books play a significant role in my work as a psychotherapeut.

George Grow, George M Grow, Rezension



You are very lucky if "Wald - The Messenger" or "The Way" cross your path. Others seek and learn all their life long and do not come farther as you can do with this literature within some days

George Grow, George M Grow, Rezension



These three comedies are incredibly exciting and encircle you magically. They have a rather mysterious and eerie side, which, however, seems so real, normal, immediate and logical that over and over again I was able to express nothing but a "wow, wow, wow". Great literature in simple, vivid language.

George Grow, George M Grow, review



The figures pounce on me immediately. Gripping, always humorous dialogues dragged me through the texts so quickly that I was shocked every time I reached the last page. I usually don't read plays, but George Grow's comedies read so well and enriched me with their visions so immeasurably that I've read them all at least twice. There's simply nothing to compare.

George Grow, George M Grow, Rezension

Paul Cunning

Wow, this story has it all. The text is so light-footed, chilled and beautifully written, although the meaning is profound and sustainable and works immediately. The message docks rapidly with all circuits. And with Dave Kater and the Paragrinz you can find relatives who are waiting everywhere but have been invisible until now.

George Grow, George M Grow, Rezension


With this book, Grow has given a great gift to the entire readership in all age groups from the youngster to the elderly one. After reading, I felt better than I had for ages. This brisk story has a very special place in my library, and I certainly haven't read it for the last time. It's now part of the small circle of my favorite books for life.

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