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Become an ambassador for the Books of Life

  • Give as many free books to your friends as you like.

  • The Books of Life are eye-openers, especially into the realm of modern spirituality and radical democracy – ideal for young minds, reformers, world-changers and revolutionaries.

  • Some Books of Life contain self-study courses for Integral Science. They increase competence and career opportunities in sociology, cultural studies, psychology, etc. They are very useful for self-help, especially with depression, frustration, identity crisis, lack of orientation and self-confidence, anxiety disorders and a number of psychosomatic symptoms. 

  • The Books of Life are ideally suited for the education of young people on a realistic rather than on an idealistic basis.

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Become a Books of Life Partner

  • Spread joy, become an influencer and earn real money.

  • Hold your own workshops, webinars, exhibitions, counseling & training sessions, therapeutic applications and support based on the Books of Life.

  • The things you need to know are to be found in a most entertaining way when reading the Books of Life.

  • Find a life-trainer to help you prepare for your undertaking.

  • Sell Books of Life at a 50% commission!

  • Manage Books of Life for a 10 percent commission.

  • Produce Books of Life formats such as paperbacks, audiobooks, audio plays, stage plays, translations, videos, documentaries, art films, comics, etc.

  • Start a GoFundMe or crowdfunding initiative and earn 10 percent.

  • Find a patron who wants to effect some change in the world and leave behind something significant.

  • Found a GrowHow Center where you live (with an event space of 40 m² or more).

  • Read the Books of Life and find the idea that fits you best.

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