George M. Grow - Image of God

By Dr. Nick Grow


The world of George M. Grow is theomonistic. All in all it is divine. Matter as a whole is the Divine Body and permeated by the Divine Spirit just as the human body is permeated by the human spirit. In its individual parts, experienced as objects, the Divine Being moves out of our consciousness. It gives way to the tangible things, to the material consciousness, to which our task, the Meaning of Life, applies and urges each of us, Evolution, manifested in us as a thirst for stimulation. The history of plants, animals and humans is the story of the awakening of Divine, the Cosmos. The Universe is growing means God is growing - even if in different relations than those with which we are familiar to. The larger a species is, the more time it needs to grow, the longer lasts its metamorphosis, even if not perceived as longer or shorter. If the elephant is two years pregnant, the comparatively tiny fly is only a few days pregnant. The elephant can become a hundred years old, the fly only lives a few weeks. God is a hundred billion light years big and fourteen billion years old, but anyway, he is not an old man with a long beard, moreover he is in his adolescence. Accordingly, people are playful and carefree. They inspire the Universe as the Universe inspires them. God can see better with our eyes. The physical laws set the limits of what is possible for man and for God. Suffering and hardship have their origin in the fact that the first, the fundamental and the eternal is not the spirit, as the world religions, which have not been further developed for thousands of years, believe, but matter. This applies to all living beings, and it applies to God, even if there are natural laws we do not yet know. God can make use of some of these unknown natural laws, but does this very rarely on our planet. It is therefore advisable not to guide our lives by miracles and Divine Revelations, but rather with the history that humanity writes by the thread of fate. Even Capitalism and Consumerism serve the Meaning of Life. Through the sale of goods, immeasurable sums of money and immeasurable power fall into a few hands, which then can make great things possible like the ancient pyramids and temples in the past and the modern healthcare system and the digital achievements of the present. The history of humanity, reaching from the clan to the tribe, the people, the nation and the World Community, is the history of the Meaning of Life based on selection, adaptation and mutation. Evolution means the creation of a better, higher and even leaner, more living order in all areas of life. Order in a physical formula, in our soul, in the family, in society, in politics, or the maintenance of this order, starting with hygiene and cleaning, and the destruction of this order either in order to make way for a higher level of order and evolution. Religion is taking place in everyone. Everyone is tied to this thread of fate, tied into the Universe. Everyone is the Universe itself, God. Thus, Spirituality may not be an escape from normal life, but participation in the Divine Spirit, Mind, Game. India is a slum because of disregard for history and changes in Spirituality. The ability to be such as meditation, worship and mindfulness are used for edification so that you can return to normal life strengthened. Everyone follows this Fate by nature, but whoever knows it has comparatively better cards to fulfill it and can meet those who hold the strings by following them. George Grow's books are ahead of their time, but we are already beginning to develop what will be considered normal one day. And because basically everything revolves around the Meaning and only order can minimize the chaos and hold the growing Universe together, George Grow entertains us with innovations that bring us further in, as and for God in this world. The Books of Life.


Nick B. Grow Jr., Columbia Universität,

Evolutionary Biology,

August 2021