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This masterpiece
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110 pages, E-book 140 pages


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The Books of Life represent both great literature, democratic future concepts and the first realistic religion and spiritual practice concept as it was foreseen by big names like Franz Kafka and Martin Heidegger. According to them, the Meaning of Life is the evolutional development in all areas of life. Thus, the fiction and nonfiction Books of Life discuss and provide plenty of unique innovations, concepts and methods. They can help us to understand in larger correlations and offer fantastic skills and tools for a better life as well for democracy, society, culture and science.


Do you want to understand in just few hours what humankind has been trying to understand from time immemorial!?! Try it with "The Path" or "The Human Handbook".


In the Books of Life, we come upon a resource that can make sense of our desire for simplicity and make us fit for complexity.

Immerse yourself in the world of Integrality. Integral thinking is the future thinking and the third historical phase after tradition and modernity.


To our partners and our faithfully readers exclusively:

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40 pages, E-book 52 pages

From modern spirituality to real democracy


What people say

Patrick Wendel

What is the George Grow Effect? George Grow's Books of Life are so exciting, funny and straightforward that their profundity grabs you and rattles you in an addicting way.


Caro Villeux

In his works, George Grow makes the "ability to existance", "internication" or chance, "fate" or "the earth as an experimental laboratory", "the walk of man and humanity in three phases" [...] to his vocabulary. Little by little, I realized what wonderful power these words have.

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Dr. Regina Haines

Each time you think of "The Human Handbook" or "The Way", you feel totally grounded. Ever since nothing can throw you off your path. As a matter of course, these books play a significant role in my work as a psychotherapeut.

lächelnde Geschäfts

Prof. Paulo Ramires

You are very lucky if "The Human Handbook" or "The Way" cross your path. Others seek and learn all their life long and do not come farther as you can do with this literature within a few days. 

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