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A new lifestyle, downshifting & modern spirituality
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Wald - A moving love story
6 Included: Self-study-course The Postmodern or Western Islam and spirituality The easy way For beginners
Sociological significance: The two-way inclusion 
9  Wald - The long sought Fusion of Hegel and Marx / Link
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Based on historic events in 2007 with the late Osama bin Laden & the Prince of the Free Arab Tribes

290 pages; e-book 420 pages

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Downshifting: a new lifefstyle

Down-shifters are people who adopt long-term voluntary simplicity in their lives. Wald Whittman's primary motivations for downshifting in this novel are gaining leisure time, escaping from work-and-spend cycle, and removing the clutter of unnecessary possessions. His personal goals of downshifting are simple: To reach a holistic self-understanding and satisfying meaning in life.

First of all, Wald, the protagonist in this novel, is a mind downshifter: he finds out the most important aspects of life and withdrows himself from the superfluous things. With him, we can spy the essence of life and become aware of the spirituality in which all of us are embedded ever anyway.


Wald is a race against time, an old magician, the Rationalists, the Prince, the Leader of the Free Arab Tribes, the Pearl of the Orient and the most sought-after terrorist in the world, the late Mr. Osama bin Laden for the Key of the World.

Wald a moving love story

Surrounded by countless pursuers, in the gloomy candlelight of the remote camp somewhere in the dark Himalayas, Wald meets the niece of the Arab prince.


Both seem not only to have a magical attraction, but a common thread of destiny. Can Wald win the beautiful Ahmidha's heart and free her from the Prince's clutches?

Did you know?
The exhibition Postmysticism - The George Grow Effect presents three videos recorded by the Arab princess on her mobile phone and secretly sent by herself to Wald - only recently released for the latest exhibition!


What does this young lady has Wald couldn't find in the women he had in Vienna, Paris and Milan?


Location of the story


Included: Self-study-course The postmodern or western Islam The easy way For Beginners

The story contains a brisk but carefully considered outline of postmodern theology as developed by Grow as part of his "Scientific Integrism", this time, within the Islamic tradition and context, but is not unquestionably accepted in the literary text and contested by a wide variety of protagonists with all means of spirit and experience.

Sociological significance: The two-way Inclusion

Migration offers the possibility of intercultural exchange and learning.  It can significantly increase the integrity of migrants and the stablished population. International studies clearly show that atheism and fundamentalistic fatalism are essential factors in the genesis of diseases and undesirable social behavior and conflicts.


"Wald - The Messenger" is the first integral interface at which denominational and non-denominational Moslems on the one hand and Christian ... as well as atheistic and agnostic worldviews can orientate and mutually enrich and expand at their common intersection: the equivalence of scientific experiment and religious cult which does not require a denomination or an ideology.


In his magnum opus, George Grow proceeds from the assumption that even at the beginning of the Third Millennium, the perennial questions, such as the meaning of life, the soul and the real nature of the universe but also questions about society, individuality, history and the state are still open.

Liberated from the zeitgeist, escaped from a pointless life of parties, sex and drugs, the double lottery grand prize winner Wald Whittman follows an amazing series of coincidences to his uncle’s estate, where he goes to recover, on to India and into the far north of Kashmir, where everything which was revealed to him in the loneliness of his uncle’s estate at the Grossrussbach coalesces and turns into an enduring lesson. Is he really the long-awaited prophet that people think him to be? Will the angel appear on the stroke of midnight to prove his authenticity? For Wald, prophets, magic, angels and an Allah who exists outside the world are all nonsense. The fanatical terrorists who have imposed a fatwa on his friend Maher and are hot on Wald’s heels from Vienna to Kashmir, have a completely different notion about those things, as well as the nameless, irreligious narrator who Wald has asked to write down this story and intervenes in it actively. In the foreground of the full-fledged, witty, enlightening discourse about existence and appearance, in the company of the retired, comical, cold-blooded US Californian Craig McNealy, who accompanies the entire story, Wald meets an old magician, the Rationalist, the leader of the Free Arab Tribes, the most dangerous man and most sought-after terrorist in the world, the late Mr. Osama bin Laden, and in the care of the Prince and his mujahideen, the Pearl of the Orient, the love of his life, the one he has been seeking as long as he can remember.


The adventure, love and coming-of age novel Wald – The Messenger opens a risky Pandora’s box: no end of question that people today are afraid to ask, stream into the course of the story and condense into thrilling, amusing and amazing dialogues, revealing a new worldview and cosmology which seems not only to be more intact, but even more beautiful, meaningful and worth living. Can Wald, after Goethe’s Faust, Hesse’s Siddhartha, Castaneda‘s Don Juan and after everything we know, be an integral milestone of a new era, a new art and a new science? An extraordinary, multi-faceted, amusing read, nothing to shy away from, and a must in anyone‘s book collection.

Wald - The long-sought fusion of Hegel and Marx link

What people say

Tina & Paul London

This novel is really entertaining and insightful. In our age, after all we have experianced, we didn't believe any more in a surprising revelation until we find George Grow's Books of Life. They gave to us rung true and clear through the emptiness we felt.

Tod Todorovic

George Grow's reading was so positive and encouraging but also very honest and entertaining. I needed help with some decisions. I got what I needed. It just also "incidentally" happened that everything I read in "Wald" came true! Miracles happen!

Camden Guy

Jessica Lake

I'm a photographer. I could imagine every scene in the book so clearly, as if I would look through my camera.

George Grow Recession

Rick Landry

I'm an actor. If anybody wants to make a top-class movie containing both all sorts of tenderness and all sort of brutality, phone me! Wald - I absolutely want to act this man!