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Is the Planet Eearth a Place of Zombies?

By Alice Sailer Grow Jr.


"Hell is not some distant place," notes George Grow, "our planet is half-hell, or conversely: half-paradise. Regardless of what we undertake, what we attempt, life on Earth does not reward us any more than it punishes us. Whoever wants to escape this state [this house of punishment] must seek the Meaning of Life in [seeking, creating improving, maintaining order (in love)], in order [with a better karma] to reach a higher [that is a smaller] planet."


George Grow, On the Edge of the Planet

This point falls [for all those who are not enlightened in this matter] under belief or non-belief.

But the Meaning of Life (Evolution) is not a construction, not hypocrisy indoctrinated by a class, ideology or religion, but an existential drive [we can directly observe and experience this sense (of caring for order)].

And when we ponder how a single ray of light, one single wave can carry millions of pieces of information, even clear across the universe to a distant planet, which is populated by intelligent life.


"The Earth is a test laboratory [for order, Evolution]. It is not God who inspires you, you are the one who inspires God [the Universe]."


GMG, Wald – The Messenger, p. 216

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Don't let the Zombies win!

The integral class society

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